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Skiftet sluttet 04.06.1749. 
Gjertsdatter Lange, Birgitte (I7476)
Anne Eillersdtr
Clas Smed
Cort Fent
Mechel Felbrsven

Kort Fentes Kone, Anne Eillersdtr, Clas Smed, Cort Fent, Mechel Felbrsven 
Henriksen, Jochum (I6051)
At min uforglemmelige Mand Bogbinder Alexander J. Melgaard forlod det Timelige og indgik i Evigheden, Mandagen den 12te Dennes, i sin Alders 52de Aar, efterladende mig med 5 Børn, hvoraf de 4 endnu ere uforsørgede, er det mig en tung Pligt herved at bekjendtgjøre. Den elskede Afdøde var en trofast Ledsager paa Livets Bane, og kun Haabet om Hisset at gjensamles med ham, formaaer at trøste mig.
Skien den 20de September 1836.
Dorthea sal. Melgaard. 
Jensen Melgaard, bokbinder Alexander (I21298)
Fattigkassen har betalt 32 skilling til ham hver uke frem til han døde 8 junil, tilsammen 7 rd 2 ort. 
Jan Henrik (I18229)
Foreldrene er Christelige Dissentere 
Larsen Rosenvold, Jens Petter (I38221)
Huset lå på østsiden av Prinsens gate. 
Iversdatter, Pernille (I2086)
Med dyb Veemod bekjendtgjøres herved for fraværende Slægt pg Venner, at min dyrebare Hustru Elisabeth Marie, fød Plesner, Natten til den 3die Marts paa Forsynets Bud bortkaldtes til det Bedre i en Alder af 57 Aar, efterladende sig 3 Sønner og 2 Døtre, der tilligemed en kjer Pleiedatter dele min bitre Sorg. I 37 Aar var hun mig en øm Ledsagerinde gjennem Livet. — Uerstatteligt er os Dit Tab, Forklarede. Fred med Dit Minde! Velsignelse over Dit Støv!
Skien den 4de Marts 1833.
Johan Blom. 
Knutsdatter Plesner, Elisabeth Maria (I14767)
Nekrolog på
A. O. Myhre Died at Home in This City, August 15 [1922]
A Merchant in Estherville For Many Years--Retired From Labors 1912
A grand old man has passed to his reward. Death came Tuesday afternoon at about 1 o'clock August 15th [1922], and claimed for his own Mr. Andrew O. Myhre, one of the pioneer merchants and most highly respected citizens of the community. There was never a better man ever lived and no greater Christian gentleman. He was a splendid husband, an indulgent father, a kind and considerate neighbor and a public spirited and generous citizen.

He came to Estherville more than half a century ago, in 1865, and has resided in Estherville for over thirty-one years, most of that time being engaged in the mercantile business until he retired and turned his business over to his son Theodore, and son-in-law, C. L. Jeglum.

Mr. Myhre was until the early part of this year very prominent in Masonic circles. He was a consistent member of North Star lodge No. 447, Jeptha Chapter, R. A. M. and a charter member of Esdraelon Commandery No. 52 K. T. He loved the order and his greatest pleasure was to meet with his brethren. For years he was a conspicuous figure at Temple Park and he always looked forward to the annual conclaves with the greatest of pleasure. He adhered strictly to the principles of Masonry, which are brotherly love and the practice of the Christian virtue. No greater endorsement or recommendation of a man's life can be given.

We always admired Mr. Myhre. In him we saw the real type of splendid manhood, a man true to his friends and his convictions. His life was a benediction and his death a misfortune.

Up until about three years ago he had been in almost perfect health, and it looked as if he was going to enjoy many years of retired life in comfort, but at that time he became afflicted with gall stones but on account of his years it was not thought advisable for him to undergo an operation. From that time he had periodical attacks and each successive attack gradually weakened his constitution and his powers of resistance and on Tuesday he answered the final summons.

Funeral services will be held at the home at 2 o'clock and from the Estherville Lutheran church at 2:30 o'clock Friday afternoon, the services to be in charge of Rev. S. A. Berge. As a fitting tribute and in honor of his memory the business houses will be closed between the hours of two o'clock and three-thirty on that day.
Andrew O. Myhre was born in Vang, Valders, Norway, on October 8, 1838. In the spring of 1864 he came to the United States and in the fall of the following year he came to Emmet county and settled on a homestead near Ryan Lake, in High Lake township, having driven through with his family from Neenah, Wis. He remained on the farm until 1881 when he moved to Estherville and engaged in the general merchandise business. He continued in business here until 1874 when he moved to Lyle, Minn., and entered the mercantile business. He was there until 1891 when he moved back to Estherville, the town of his first adoption. He again engaged in the mercantile business until a few years ago when he retired.

In 1861 he was united in marriage in Norway to Miss Aaste Lund. To this union two sons and two daughters were born. Mrs. Myhre passed away in Minneapolis on September 15, 1902, and was buried in Oak Hill cemetery of this city.

There are left to mourn the death of this good man, his wife who faithfully ministered unto him during his illness, his two sons Dr. O. G. Myhre of St. Louis, Theodore Myhre of Estherville, his two daughters, Mrs. C. L. Jeglum and Mrs. H. W. Cox of Estherville, ten grandchildren and one great grandchild besides other relatives and many friends. (Vindicator and Republican, Estherville, Iowa, August 16, 1922)

A.O. Myher [Myhre] A Pioneer Settler Passes Away
Andrew O. Myhre one of Emmet Counties most highly respected citizens and one of Estherville's pioneer business men passed away at his home in this city shortly after one o'clock on Tuesday. Mr. Myhre who was eighty three years of age at the time of his death has been ill to some extent for the past few years. His last illness dates back to about June the second. Since that time however he has visited with his son Dr. O. G. Myhre in St. Louis, Mo., and only the first part of July he made a trip into Minnesota, by Auto with his wife and his son Theo Myhre. He was there but a few days when he returned home and his health has been failing since that time.

Mr. Myhres friends in this city are simply numbered by those who are his acquaintances. Everyone thought and spoke well of him. While he was not a man to push himself forward in the least he was always looking for the opportunity of being of assistance to some one else. He was a great donator to charity and missions but no one who was not in lose touch with him would ever find this out. For sixteen years he was city treasurer and he was urged at that time to retain the office still longer. He was a most excellent business man and liberal in his dealings with all. He was at all times a great friend of labor, and hundreds of his close admirers are among that class of people.

Mr. Myhre was born in Norway on October the 8, 1838. He was married in that county on October the 19th 1862 to Aaste T. Lund. On May 27th 1864 they came to America to make their home and settled at Beloit, Wis. He remained there or in that vicinity until they moved to Emmet County. In October 1865 they settled on a Homestead on Section Two of High Lake Township. There they remained until the Grass hopper pestilence drove them out about three years later. They then resided at Lyle, Minnesota. On August 21st the family moved to Estherville and Mr. Myhre engaged in the General Merchandise business. He was an active business man here about thirteen years ago when he sold the business to his son Theo Myhre and his son-in-law Carl Jeglum. There were eight children born to his first union, four of whom are still living. Some years ago his wife passed away, and on Sept. 23rd 1903 he was united again in marriage to an old time acquaintance, Mrs. Mina Woll, who has cared for him through his many illnesses of the past few years.

Mr. Myhre was a devout Christian and a member of the Norwegian Lutheran Church. He was deeply interested in Masonry having passed through all of the degrees and has filled many of the official positions in the order, to that of Emminent Commander.

There remains to mourn his death a beloved wife, two sons, Theo. Myhre of this city and Dr. O. G. Myhre of St. Louis, Mo., and two daughters, Mrs. Carl Jeglum and Mrs. Harvey Cox, both of this city. The funeral services will be held at two o'clock from the home and at two-thirty from the Church on Friday afternoon, the Rev. S. A. Berge officiating. The business houses of the city will be closed during the service. (Estherville Enterprise, Estherville, IA, August 16, 1922
Olsen Myhre, skreddersvenn Anders (I33455)
No 16:
Apothequer Hans Wölner Jboende Gaard, bestaaende av 2 Fløjbygninger med 2 Gavle paa midten, og een Etage med Brandfrie Kjelder under det eene Fløy, Bryggerhuus og Labertorium i det andet Fløy, 10 Værelser og 8 Kakkelovne, tilligemed Selve Apothequet 1200 rd
Paa østre Siide i Gaarden opbygd een nye Vaaning av udhuuse, Drengstue, med Kakkelovn, Material Kammer, Stald, Fæehuus og Vognskjul 200 rd
= 1400 rd 
Petersen Wølner, apoteker Hans (I11679)
No 21:
Friderich Wesseltoftes Jboende Gaard, bestaaende av een Fløybygning med 2 Etager, i samme 9 Værelser med 5 Jernkakkelovne, 2de Grundmuurede Kjeldere, Bryggerhuus med Jndmuuret KaabberPande og een Boe 900 rd
Paa Østre Kandt een Drengestue med Cammer ovenpaa, 2 Kakkelovne, Stald og Fæehuus 150 rd
= 1050 rd 
von Ahnen Wesseltoft, skipper Friderich Iver (I10591)
Prinsens gate
No.11 A Borge Halvorsen
Forhuset 2 Etage, derie 9 Værelser med 7 Kakelovne, 3 Kieldere og 1 Bryggerhus med indmuret Kaabbe Pande, andsadt for 1000 rd.
Bahus, deri Hæste og Koe Stald samt Vognskur, andsadt for 200 rd.
No. 11B. No. 6. En Søebod af 2 Rum, andsadt for 100rd. 
Halvorsen, Børe (I5233)
Prinsens gate
No. 25A. Didrich v. Cappelen.
Forhuset af 2 Etage, deri 11 Værelse med 8 Kakelovne samt 2 Kieldere, andsadt for 600 rd.
Baghus af Bryggerhus, Drængestue med Kakelovn, 4 Pak Boeder, Fæfud og Stald med Høi og Brænde Træver, andsadt for 300 rd.

No. 25B. No. 7a. En Søebod af 3 Rum, 3 loft, andsadt for 60 rd.

No. 25C. No. 26z. En Søebod af 4 Rum, 4 loft,andsadt for 200 rd. 
Cappelen, Diderich sr (I9834)
Underdanigst Pro Memoria !
Her Vedtager ieg mig den underdanigste frihed, at andrage for deres Høy-Velbaarne denne min sandferdige forestilling som hele Byens folk er Vidende om at min Mand Jan Pedersen skredder haver misted sin Helse udi Branden nemlig at hand udi sin høyre side haver et slag saa hand ey kand arbeyde eller fortienne noget til mig og smaa børn saa er det mig underdanigst maa udbede mig den naade hos deres Excelense i fald der kunde være noget til overs for mig og syge mand med umøndige børn da Vi er 6 udi tallet baade store og smaa ieg indstiller det under Deres Høy Velbaarendheds naadige Resoluttion og forblev med størst Sumision, Deres
Underdanigst tiennerinde
Schien d 30 May 1778Enger Mordens datter 
Mortensdatter, Inger (I13145)
Veemodsfuld, af mit dybtsørgende Hjerte, maa jeg herved sørgeligst melde fraværende Slægt og Venner, at det blev min tunge Lod, Natten imellem den lste og 2den August, ved Døden at miste min eiegode Kone, Inger Maria Møller, født Eberhardt, i hendes Alders 56 Aar og 6 Maa- neder, I 22 Aars Ægteskab deelte vi Livets Glæder og Byrder med hinanden.
De, der kjendte den salige Hedenfarnes Værd, ville vist høiligen med mig beklage hendes altfor tidlige Bortgang fra dette jordiske Liv, hvor hendes inderlige Attraae var stedse at gavne, og indtil sin sidste Livs Dag stræbte at komme den Fattige og Nødlidende til Hjelp.
Gode Inger Maria! Du endte Dine Lidelser ved cn rolig og stille Død, hvorefter Du, forhaabentlig, af den altforbarmende, naadige Gud har annammet det evige Livs Gode.
Maatte jeg, som nu eensom vandrer her tilbage, snarlig forenes med Dig igjen, da vilde jeg prise mig lykkelig..
Skien, den 2den August 1832.
Henrich Møller. 
Eberhardt, Inger Marie (I21322)
15 " hr. Lauritz Lassen" 78 år. Lassen, borger\kjøpmann Lars Sørensen (I14864)
16 " som Natten imellom d. 5te og 6te Julij ophengte sig selv med et bannd i sin seng" Boel i fattighuset (I13859)
17 ""en Österlenning som i Nogle Aar sig her har opholdet, men formedelst Sabahts forSömmelse At hand icke hafde Sögt Guds huusets forsamling og gich paa Blegebachen for at bade sig blef i vandet druchnet i Kierving bechen og saa dömt at begrafves ved en side nest Muren Paa Kierche gaarden, og ingen Præst at Grafvfæste ham. Olsen, Elling (I10389)
18 ""Karen Jonsdatter som er Jordemoder paa Blegebachen hendes vanvittige datters ved navn Marte Jansdatter hendes uægte søn Jon som var afvlet ved en svensk tienstedreng tiener paa gaarden Elsætt udj Solum Sogn medens dend vanvittige barnemoder var om dagen i Schoven og vogtet hosbondens Creatur."" Jon (I11058)
19 "Af Prædichestolen ud Lÿst eftter at hafde sine beviser til Præsterne At hand var fæst i K:hafn da han var ud Comanderet som Matros til Kongens tieneste samme tid" Familie: Anders Andersen Cart / Anne Maria Olsdatter (F3468)
20 "Anne Jochomsdatter Sal: Halvor Pers: " 78 år. Jochumsdatter Fiche, Anne (I1220)
21 "Anne Kudsches barn". Hansdatter, Karen (I9097)
22 "Anne Masmesters" Sørensdatter, Anne (I2160)
23 "At det behagede Gud ved en stille og rolig Død den 22de d. M. Formiddagen Kl. 10, at bortkalde fra dette til et bedre Liv min elskede Kone Anne Karine Røsler, født Michelsen, i sin Alders 61 Aar 6 Maaneder, og efter 40 Aars kjærligt Ægteskab. 8 Børn tilligemed mig begræde Tabet af den ømmeste Moder og Kjærligste Kone; bekjendtgjøres sørgeligst for fraværende Slægt og Venner.
Fossum i østre Bærum, den 24de Marts 1824.
Johan Michael Røsler. 
Michelsdatter, Anne Karine (I12001)
24 "Begge för været giffte og bekient uden Caution"
Forlovere er ikke nevnt. 
Familie: vekter Halvor Knutsen / Anne Endresdatter (F2067)
25 "begge tient procurator Peder Christensen" Familie: Svennung Nilsen / Barbara Thorsdatter (F3457)
26 "begr i fattig Jord eftter At hand hafde i nogen tid gaaet Syg, satte sig paa gaden og Strax? Döde" Thorbjørnsen, Anders (I3115)
27 "begr i fattig Jord og formedelst hans slætte leve Maade og vankundighed blef ike af Præsten graf fæstet" fattigfogd Henrich (I10382)
28 "begr i fattig Jorden - eftter hafde levet i Ægtesch. 48 Aar 3 Mond" ukjent (I10409)
29 "begr i fattig Jorden 12 da han hafde hafft ophold af fattig Cassen " Keyta, Erik (I12060)
30 "begr i fattig Jorden da hun af fattig Cassen haftte ophold" Bugot, Marthe (I11485)
31 "begr i fattig Jorden eftter at hand dagen om Aftten til forn Kl 9 af Een Döhl Nafnlig Johannes Jy.. i Jochom felbr huus ved Lorte bech med een Knif blef ved 3de schadelige Saar dræbt hvor eftter dend schÿldige bliver dömb.t" Olsen, Ole fra Seljord (I10343)
32 "begr i fattig Jorden Kl 12 da hand af fattig Cassen var bleven opholt" Hansen, Abraham (I11505)
33 "begr i fattig Jorden Kl 12 da hand af fattiges Casse hafde bleven opholt" Jyde, Torkild (I11480)
34 "begr i fattig Jorden Kl 12 da hun nogen tid af fattig Cassen var med deelt i Alders 64 Aar" Jørgensdatter, Kirsten (I8072)
35 "begr i fattig Jorden med BorgM Bentsens Permissions Sedel formedelst hans Slette tilstand med sine 3 smaa börn eftter Moders Död som döde strax eftter barselsengen og barnet lever endnu eftter hende" Olsdatter, Anne (I10583)
36 "begr i Kierchens Jord da hun af fattig Cassen haft ophold" Hansdatter, Aase (I7342)
37 "begr i Kierchens Jord Kl 12 eftter at hand ved saa hastig döds Maade gich af denne verden i hans Alders 36 Aar." Bentsen, snekker Bendik (I11324)
38 "begr i Kierchens Jorden med 2 Klocher som dog haftt ophold af fattig Cassen" Rusk, Johanne (I11492)
39 "begr Kl 1 med 2 Kl og Liig Prædichen i Kierchen eftter at hus hafde lefvet i Verden 27 Aar mindre 3 Moneder og i 4 Aars Ægteskab været af en heftig Rörelse paa höyre side betagen saa og Maalet, Men noget tid eftter anden f(risk) igien og iværende tid Afvlede 3 levende börn som var i Kierchen og fick Daab för de döde" Larsdatter, Kirsti (I9372)
40 "begr Kl 1 med Alle Klocher og eftter Liig Prædichen ned satt i Kierchens begr." Thommesen Sommer, rådmann Iver (I4639)
41 "begr Kl 1 med Alle Klocher og nedsatt udj Kierchens begrafvelse" ukjent (I9265)
42 "begr Kl 12 d100de Aars dagen eftter den Nÿe Kierche gaards jnd vielse, som og same dag af Sogne Præsten i Manges Forsamling eftter erindring af Prædiche stolen, blef en gudelig uration til guds ære og alles fornöÿelse forklaret" Kari (I10376)
43 "begr Kl 12 i fattiges Jord eftter at Gud hafde frelst og forlöst ham af dette haarde Sÿgdoms Kaars, Men for 3 Aar meest sin forstand, som gud gaf han igjen da hand og for sin Död med det höÿ verdige Sacramente blev med delt udj sit (alder)" Evensen, ukjent (I10377)
44 "begr Kl 12 Kierchens Jord dend vanvittige datter som af sin egen fader Erich Kittelsen med en tolle Knifv blef dræbt da Moderen var udgaaen i byen og det da hun var 21 Aar gammel" Eriksdatter, ukjent (I11332)
45 "begr med 3 Kl - da hafde Kl 8 om löverd. Aften tilforn faldet og Slaget sig, og indbaaren i hans Moders Huus og strax döde" Olsen, snekker Christen (I5383)
46 "begr med alle Klocher Kl 1 og satt i Kierchen begrafvelse" von Cappelen, Boel (I6075)
47 "begr med alle Klocher og bort baaren udj hendes Fædres indlugte begravelse paa Nÿe Kierchegaard i hendes Alders 65 Aar og ingen Liig Prædichen" Pedersdatter Baad, Kirsten (I3516)
48 "begr med alle Klocher og ej nogen Liig Prædichen" Thomasdatter Sommer, Lisbeth (I4498)
49 "begr med alle Klocher og hen baaren i Kierschen og Satt i Kors gangen medens Een Psalme blef Sunget og da hen baaren i Sachrestiets begrafvelse som friet tillige med sine forældre der hafde giort dets beKosting og Liig) Pr." ukjent (I11361)
50 "begr med alle Klocher og Liig Pr i Kierchen eftter liiget hafde været Satt i Korset udj Kierchen og Graffæstet i Saxestiets begrafvelse og været tilllige med en Stor Negotiant Kierche Værger af be Römmelighet." von Cappelen, Johan Octavio (I6161)

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